We Are SurroundBG

A very powerful team of professionals.

SurroundBG is a company established in 2010 as a web development company. The first three years, from 2010 until 2013, it was used only for a freelance activities. In the year 2014 it was time to start SurroundBG's development investment, when our first big project for Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc came.

Slowly-slowly our customers grew, as well as our team. The company has returning clients from more than 10 countries over the world.

Now SurroundBG is reliable software development company and advertising agency. Our main specialties are WordPress, Laravel, OpenCart, Drupal, PHP, Java, SEO optimization, Social Media Marketing and Support. We are a team of confident and experienced professionals, that everybody can rely on.

Doesn't matter even if you do want to outsource anything to us, which you don't have resources. We can handle it.

Anything we do, we do it with passion, professionalism, efficiency and stability. Our target is not one-time cooperation, but long-term relationships between us, our partners and our clients. We always think with a presumption of future development and scalability.

If you feel confident enough and want to work together, don't spend time and contact us.
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