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October 19, 2018

We are happy to announce our new website and look and feel to the wide public!

Hi, Friends! Welcome to our new website. We are happy that you stopped by here for a virtual walk.

As a growing software development company and advertising agency, SurroundBG should be modern, flexible and the most important - stable. That's why we worked hard to craft our new website.

The sections explained:

- Home page - you will be able to see everything about us at a glance. Check it, if you didn't :)
- Services - we put a short list of our services. Tell us, if you need something different.
- About - the true story of our company SurroundBG, what we stand for and so on. You know.
- Clients - you know that we can't put the whole list of our clients here... we tried this in the old site, but it was wrong decision. Don't put all of your clients in your site, please - it will become heavy in every aspect... :)
- Blog - we have brand new blog, that will be used as our library, where you can find very very useful information about different things. We will write articles about good practices in the software development, SEO, Social Media Marketing and how to make effective advertising. Keep an eye on it.
- Contact - of course, we put our address, phone number, E-mail and so on. You can find us easily.

Well... that's everything for now :) Keep an eye on our blog, because you will learn very useful information there.